~ Love in the Time of Poltergeists ~

Karmic Consultants, Book One

Love in the Time of Poltergeists Cover "Lucy sees dead people. Naked dead people."

As a medium, Lucy helps the recently departed transition to the other side, but lately she's noticed a disturbing trend among her ghostly visitors. Every night she's plagued by horny spirits intent on acting out their unrequited fantasies - and it looks like she's stuck with them until she can work through some unrequited fantasies of her own.

When Jake Cox arrives on her doorstep, a living, breathing fantasy man, Lucy hopes her dry spell might finally be at an end. Unfortunately, the studly Jake isn't there to apply for the job of her personal gigolo. The mouthwatering PI has been assigned to watch over Lucy - and keep his hands to himself - until a particular horny phantom pays her a visit.

The freshly murdered mafia accountant is exactly the kind of ghost that gravitates toward Lucy - nerdy, horny, and desperate - but when he appears, his supernatural juju is more than even she can handle. Lucy and Jake might actually be able to bring down a mob boss, if they can keep their hands off one another and keep one poltergeist accountant from ripping a hole in the fabric of the universe.

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy :: Heat Level: Medium-Hot :: Length: Novella
List Price: $0.99 :: Publication Date: February 2009



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